​​​Elite: One 

Katrina is bound, blinded and seconds away from being murdered in a POW camp. And then the impossible happens.  She is rescued by the creature of her nightmares. For years the visions of seeing his tall figure and terrifying mask tearing her fellow soldiers apart have haunted her nightly. He ruled the battlefield with his raw speed and brutality. And now she finds herself helpless in his arms and heading into the unknown.

Elite: One introduces you to Katrina and Tanner as well as their respective Gama and Terran worlds five thousand years in our future. Join the two on a journey of love found and lost and found again.

​​​Elite: Three

Katrina Sterling Ronin returns in the final installment of the original Elite Series. She is now a fully recognized Elite Marine in the Gama military and, alongside husband Tanner Ronin, one of the most powerful individuals in all the Terran and Gama worlds. But is it enough? A new alien threat has emerged from the distant parts of the galaxy to wreak havoc on not only Katrina and her world, but all of Gama and Terran societies. Katrina must fight as she never has before to save herself, her friends …and her newborn child. But—after her worst nightmare comes true—can she do it all without her love, Tanner, at her side? With a story that spans not months or years, but decades, join Katrina, Tanner, Adams and more in the final action and romance packed Elite novel.

John Mark Tucker

​​​Elite: Two

Katrina and Tanner's adventures continue in the second installment of Elite. Day's after returning home from their honeymoon, a haunting letter is received by Katrina.  A letter that will soon tear the newlyweds apart and throw Tanner into a world so dark he may never recover. 

Adams, Canter and all of the gang from Elite: One return in the second volume filled with more adventure, romance, and this time, terrible heartache.