‚ÄčJohn Mark Tucker

Of God and Love - Available

A significant departure from Elite's racy SciFi adventures, Of God and Love takes place in the quiet town of Sondrio, Italy in the late 1940's. We follow a young Nun, Gemma DeLuca, on her own trip of self discovery. Her world is shaken up when a terrible car accident occurs in front of her convent. The driver, a beautiful, unknown woman, is severely injured and while Gemma looks for some identification for her, she discovers a set of letters. Love letters.  The discovery along with the arrival of a handsome, but troubled retired America soldier flip Gemma's world upside down. After the American disappears, Gemma throws everything she knows aside to go find what may end up being the love of her life.

Of God and Love is expected to be published March of 2017.