Swiss - Available

Corporal Swiss Reilly has had a bad day.

During today’s battle, she’s been shot twice, once in the leg and the other in her shoulder, and now sits in a crashed space transport waiting for the enemy to come finish her off. 


But what she hasn’t realized is her activities on the battlefield today have caught the eye of an Elite marine. An Elite that turns out to be more interested in saving her life than ending it. 

But is that a good thing?

Swiss is another addition to Tucker’s Elite series and a prequel to Time Over Time: Two. Follow Corporal Reilly during her topsy-turvy introduction to Elite Atticus Manners and her eventual invitation to join the crew of the science vessel, Time Over Time.

​Time Over Time - Available

Fans of Elite can rejoice as Time Over Time returns them to the world of Elite with characters both new and old. This space adventure/romance travels back and forth across the galaxy...Time Over Time. 

While no longer centered around Elite's Katrina Sterling, we now experience the world through the eyes of Vince Daniels' son, Jackson. The nervous, shy and timid boy from Elite: Three finds himself smack in the middle of the greatest, lengthiest and most daring adventure in the history of his Gama people.

Like Elite, Time Over Time is a series of three novels. Volume One is complete and in editing. Volume Two is in progress. Time Over Time was inspired by Tucker's second book, Swans.

John Mark Tucker